Directors’ Corner

marie-headshot My mother Bessie Daniel (aka) Madea, co-founded Images On The Rise in 1992., after being foster parents for eight years. We started this non-profit organization because of the homelessness that was plaguing our communities. Our goal was to offer housing and services to homeless men, women and women with children. With violence running rampant in the streets of Oakland, we wanted to make the community a safer place for everyone. I was personally a victim of a senseless violent crime in 1985 and was shot in the back. The bullet that remains in my right beast is a constant reminder that people are destitute and feel hopeless. This bullet will not allow me to quick nor forget that I have a purpose and a duty to make a difference. I realize that there are many forms of domestic violence and there can be a good end to a bad situation, when we reach out and support those in need.

-Marie Sholes, Director of Images On The Rise